Forensic Identification

All materials are made of molecules, and as such, have uniquely distinguishing spectral characteristics. Each chemical therefore has an optical “molecular fingerprint” just like humans have unique fingerprints. The RingIR technology can quickly measure the optical spectrum and identify the distinguishing structure to identify the molecules in the atmosphere.

Security and Defence

World events often place our security forces in circumstances where risk is imminent. Security personnel may be required to operate in environments of extreme danger and threat due to the nature of military operations. RingIR’s break-thru gas sensing technology can enhance defence barriers by supplying real information, the type of information you need to help make the right decisions in volatile situations. Preparedness is one of the most valuable tools necessary to reduce the risks and the probability of injury to security personnel and civilians alike. We provide real information, for real situations, and in real-time.

Air quality monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Our atmosphere is all around us. We are born into it. We die without it. It is the only substance that is essential for life 100% of the time. The air quality of our atmosphere is commonly overlooked unless we can see it or smell it. Small amounts of harmful gases can filter into the air and corrupt the air quality before we realise the potential danger. The RingIR technology quickly identifies air quality degradation and warns of danger in a rapid time-frame. (sidenote: Manufacturing plant. Submarine, clean rooms, etc.)

Vapour Leak Detection

Nearly 4,000 BCM (billion cubic metres) of natural gas is produced each year worldwide. Industry is growing at a rapid rate and the demand for energy continues to increase. Occasionally, the transport of gases from their place of origin to the consumer results in undesirable leaks. Detection of such leaks is still very complicated and expensive, but with the RingIR technology, this process can be greatly improved.

Dust Analysis

Our global economy depends on the availability of minerals for every aspect of our lives. As production increases, and the mining industry becomes more efficient at extracting and crushing these raw materials, the potential to generate larger amounts of dust also increases. A consequence of this increase are the potential dangers associated with overexposure to respirable hazardous dust particles. This overexposure can produce a variety of complications such as airway diseases, pulmonary illness, chronic renal disease, lung cancer, fibrotic disease, bronchitis, emphysema and others. The need for efficiencies in dust control is paramount. The damage that can result from heavy dust inhalation cannot be reversed or cured. So prevention must be at the forefront of the solution. RingIR’s world-first spectroscopic dust monitoring system provides accurate exposure limit measurements, to ensure the welfare of mine workers and surrounding communities.

Disaster Scene Strategising

First responders commonly encounter disaster situations unprepared for the potential dangers at the scene. Many of these dangers can cause long-term health problems and even death. Explosive materials, harmful gases, chemical burns, acids, and solvents can permanently damage lungs and other organs. A split second of indecision and a wrong choice could prove fatal. Strategising is of utmost importance to preparing the equipment and personal protection required to tackle such hazards. Where time is a critical factor in rescuing the injured or dominating a disaster scene, accurate pre-diagnostic information proves vital. RingIR, with its game changing technology, is committed to helping save the lives of the lives that save us.

Mine Ventilation Monitoring

Globally, 17 billion metric tons of raw materials are mined each year. The range of raw materials spans from metals to minerals to fuels and are essential to our ever-growing economy.  Mine ventilation is crucial to maintain safety and productivity. Production of these raw materials presents the challenge of precluding unwanted gases and dust that could be harmful to the workers and surrounding communities. The RingIR technology quickly identifies the harmful gases and dust and allows the mine to control emissions far more productively with safety as a priority.